Dentistry is in my blood, and Indiana is in my heart.

My brothers and father are all dentists, and my mother is a dental hygienist. My father loved dentistry as we were growing up here in Indiana, and that love influenced us to follow in his footsteps. We all graduated from the IU School of Dentistry and I’m happy to have been practicing right here in my home state for more than 30 years at my current office in Carmel, IN!

Spreading smiles across the world

I have practiced dentistry all over the world, in countries including Australia, Fiji, Italy, and Germany, providing dental services at no charge on a volunteer basis for over two years. I even spent an adventurous year living in New Zealand with my wife and children, but we never stopped missing home. Pursuing two of my passions at the same time, travel and dentistry, provided me with a wealth of experience and knowledge to bring back to Indy. When I opened my practice in 1989, I was devoted to keeping our costs down so that everyone who needs dental work can afford it. I find that those with the greatest needs tend to be the most grateful of patients.

Dentistry that heals, not hurts

I’m often asked if I’m a painless dentist. My answer is always yes, but I think the underlying question is: “Are you a caring dentist?” The dentist who cares is not only painless, but also will call to see how you are doing and isn’t afraid to share his home phone number with his patients so that they never feel helpless or abandoned.

I always tell my patient to call me at home if there is ever any problem or emergency. I’m almost never doing something so important (like having dinner with the president or a big Hollywood star) that I can’t take time to talk for a few minutes about any tooth pain or dental problems you may have.

Dr. Tim Gossweiler
Dr. Timothy Gossweiler

The Balancing Act (Professional affiliations and fun stuff, too)

I live here with my wife Kim and our two dogs (one of which is kind of stubborn). Our six kids have all moved out but as you may know, they occasionally move back in! I enjoy rock climbing, gardening, running and attending my wife’s Boot Camp class (as if she doesn’t already order me around enough!). I love working with my outstanding staff who are also my friends. I’m also very much involved with the professional affiliations that keep my skills and knowledge sharp: