My floss-ophy on life…

If you dig into my history, my mission in life has been evident in two areas that have brought me here: caring for others and chasing the best education in everything I do. Caring for others is a mission I am honored to fulfill every day in the office. I do not want to just improve smiles, but rather, change perspectives on oral health to instill in them a desire to take care of their teeth and gums.

I’ve always been resilient in seeking the best education in order to bring to fruition my values in my career– dependability, and thoroughness. These are the core principles I showcase to each and every patient. I feel extremely blessed to be able to use my talents each day to serve others in the community in this capacity.

I received a bachelor’s degree in science from IUPUI, then obtained my Doctorate in Dental Medicine from the clinically renowned Augusta University’s Dental College of Georgia. Upon graduation, I am honored to have taken on the role of Associate Dentist within Dr. Tim Gossweiler’s reputable dental practice history.

Where it all started…

As an Arab-American who found his home in Noblesville in 2012, my past experiences have given me a unique approach towards dentistry. Growing up in an underdeveloped and medically impoverished country has been the source of my motivation for being an advocate for accessible dental care…and giving people the smile that they deserve.

I was inspired by those around me who had the courage to go to school and pursue their passions, despite all odds. From serving ice cream cones as my first job, to now walking into Gossweiler Dental Care’s office as a dentist, I have remained adamant to make people smile every day.

The Fun Side...

My brother owns a car dealership, and you’ll usually find me in a different car every day…. I call it “test driving” his cars for him, but he calls it free gas! My sister is a new Pharmacist in the area, so she makes sure I stay healthy after eating chocolate cake pops. I come from a large and beautiful family, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve loved this area since the beginning because of its small-town charm, wonderful people, and most important, proximity to my family.


Dr. Wajdi (Jay) Alsabia DDS/MBA